Let us shop for you.

Website won't accept your credit card? Our personal shopper will buy it for you.

If you have trouble ordering online we can shop on your behalf. We are able to purchase many hard to get products from various online and even actual stores.

Just request items you want and we will look all over the web for the best prices on those items. We will then purchase your goods and forward them right to you door! We look at auction sites such as eBay and UBid for the best prices around.

Give us a picture, description and quantity of item(s) desired.

We are here to help you! We have developed a unique personal shopping service to assist you with making the purchases you want with ease

How much does it cost?

The cost of our assisted purchase service is $9.50 (plus cost of purchase, sales tax, bank fee, commission, and shipping).  The price applies to 10 unique items of the purchase. For example if you plan to purchase 15 unique items the price will be two times $9.50 ($19). If you purchase hundreds of the same item the price remains $9.50.

Auction Sniper

Most of the auctions on eBay are won or lost at the last second. Don't worry about the last second bids anymore. iShip’s eBay Sniper makes the best offer on almost 95% of the auctions.

Gift Voucher and Coupons?

Buy prepaid cards from iShip and get as much as 40% discounts.

Send Gift Carts to your friends for birthday & holidays.

Get access to thousand dollars savings coupons from your favorite brand just by being our customer. Read our blog for instant discounts or call our Personal Shopper deparement.

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