Once you have signed up, we assign you a unique shipping address:

  • Your own US & EU address
  • As low as 11$ per kg
  • Shopping from +1000 store
  • $0 per year, no setup fee
  • Free storage up to 30 days
  • Gift Wrapping & Repacking
  • Discounted shipping
  • Online shipment tracking
  • Insurance


Unlike most of the players in the industry, we do not request our customer to pay for additional service and we don’t surprise you!

Once you have signed up, we assign you a US and European address with your own unique suite number. You shop anywhere and have your packages delivered to us. We then forward your items to your home or work space.

Price start at 20$ per kilo and can go as low as 11 ! Discounted shipping for addicted shoppers.

Online shipment tracking from your account with attractive added value services: multiple address delivery, gift wrapping and package customization.

Parcel consolidation to ship multiple orders together.

Check our Prohibited Items before shopping with us.



1/ Submit a New Ship for Me Order:

2/ Enter the details of the Order you have purchased
yourself with the website name, the website delivery country (if you used your US or European address), Order Reference and MOST importantly the tracking number provided by the store (it might take up to 2 days for Amazon/eBay or other to send you the tracking number, this happens when they ship your items, make sure you come back to us you’re your tracking number, this helps us identify your items ans avoid it being lost)

For Customs: Enter all the items you have purchased with their value and quantities. You are responsible for false declaration and liable to pay penalties for cheating in wrong declaration, different values or shipping prohibited items.

At the end of the form, remember to add the store’s eventual Shipping & Handling, this amount figures always at the end of your Order Details.

3/ Give us your Special Instructions: when it’s an urgent shipment or when you need to consolidate

4/ Once we receive your package, we will identify it using the tracking number your provide. Weight and condition will be show in your Recent Orders, you will be able to track it all the way to your home or workspace.

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