Not able to purchase products from U.S. or European stores?
Dont have a paypal acount?

We purchase your products.


    • - We purchase the item(s) you request with any payment method the seller wants
    • - Hassle Free - We purchase the items for you and keep track until it’s delivered
    • - Online shipment tracking
    • - eBay and Auction Sniper
    • - Insurance
    • - Parcel consolidation& Re-packing
    • - Gift Wrapper and Surprise Delivery
    • - Personal Shopper
    • - Coupons & Discounts direct from USA
    • - In addition to all the options of the Ship for Me service.

Easy Steps

1. Tell us what products you want to purchase

Give us a description, quantity of item desired, product number, and total price including shipping to our warehouse. You can do this by placing your selected items into a shopping cart on your favorite website, go to checkout, enter our shipping address and this will give you the total cost. You will enter all the information in your account

2. We will check availability and purchase products

We will check if the products are available and we will email you total price including our fees. If you have enough money in your deposit we will make the purchase immediately. Otherwise we will notify you as to how much you owe us. You have multiple options to pay us: Cash, Wetern Union, OMT, Check, Wire Transfer, COD.

3. Once received, we ship them to you.

Once we receive your products in our warehouse, we will double check what items were received and enter them as packages on your account. Then we ship them within 15 days (US) or 10 days (Europe) to Lebanon and the UAE.


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