About American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters is a clothing retailer that prides itself on the quality of clothing it produces. Not only do they offer quality clothing at an affordable price, but they also have an outstanding group of service people available for all your concerns relating to shopping.

American Eagle has online stores that are fabulous to shop at. Discontinued items can be found for next to nothing at their online stores. The prices are constantly changing, offering consumers opportunities to buy the latest trends at sale prices.

Why International Customers Shop at AEO?

Though international shipping to many countries is also offered by American Eagle online store, the shipping rate and relevant taxes are just too high to afford. 

As a preppy, casual clothing store, American Eagle is best store to go for jeans, shirts, dresses and even a small selection of accessories and shoes. While their in-store sales are great, their online sales are even better. Do not miss out on an opportunity to get quality products at an affordable price, especially when cheap international shipping is available from Iship!

American Eagle Shopping Guide & Coupons

How to Shop & Ship From American Eagle?

The great thing is that now it is possible to get American Eagle international shipping without a lot of hassle and at much lower prices. Now there is a new online shopping resource that can enable those overseas to do online shopping from Around the World.  IShip provides an E-commerce service that allows you to shop from American Eagle by Providing you an Address in the US. Once you register on Iship'swebsite   you will automatically receive a physical address for free, you will be able tocalculate your shipping cost as well astrack your order. 

Not only that but with Iship you will also be able toconsolidate your items in order to get them all together,unpackto reduce the shipping weight, repack tosecure fragile items, door to door delivery as well as billing shipping cost upon delivery. 

 In many cases the process is too confusing and long. Having your local cards denied or requesting  Paypal is a common encounter. Iship Offers to do all that on your behalf by using theBy For me Service. 

Now IShip Service also helps foreign international shoppers to purchase clothing from American Eagle and other popular US stores on their own using theShip for me service . There are just five simple steps that go into receiving clothing from American Eagle. The first thing that a person has to do is to get a US mailing address from IShip, purchase their clothing online at American Eagle and use your IShip address as shipping address, next the clothing gets sent to the IShip warehouse. IShip warehouse is the temporary storage place of your packages until it's shipment to your local country.