Why Choose Guess?

You're tired of working so hard to look great, so why not go for clothes that make looking fashionable easy. Guess USA creates easy upscale American fashion that can easily help transform your look from blah to wow! For nearly 30 years, Guess USA fashions have been keeping people looking young, fresh and stylish in an oh-so-coveted European way. Renowned for their iconoclastic stone-washed jeans, Guess USA products have today diversified into three main collections: Guess, for everyday style, Marciano Guess, for upscale beauty, and Guess Kids, so that your little ones can also strut around in style. 

The stuff you need to make yourself fabulous is a plenty with Guess USA. Need a new pair of patent leather pumps? Guess USA has just what you need. Looking for THE pair of men's jeans? Marciano Guess will easily satisfy you. Or, don't want your kids to trudge to school in plain clothes? Guess Kids will dress them right up.Guess USA styles this coming Spring-Summer season are promising with revisited jeans and fun and elegant patterns. Guess USA's always-sexy fashion can easily be yours, with many products in the $100-200 range.